Transdutor de Casco Navico XSonic Airmar SS175L 0 Deg

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Airmar’s low-profile, Chirp-ready, transducer models are the perfect addition to smaller boats such as center consoles. The low-frequency band is the deep-water performer delivering excellent coverage and tracking. The SS175L transducer delivers up to 20 kHz of total bandwidth in just one installation for tremendous deep-water performance.


The SS175L transmits across the Low-Chirp frequency 40 to 60 kHz


Tilted Element™ transducers have the ceramic element fixed at a 20°, 12° or 0° angle within the housing. The transducer is installed almost flush to the hull. The tilt of the element corrects for the hull deadrise by orienting the beam directly down. This ensures maximum echo returns to the transducer for more accurate depth readings.


The SS175L is available in three Tilted Element models:




Depth and fast-response water-temperature sensor

1 kW with maximum depth to 762 m (2,500′)

Low frequency: 40 to 60 kHz

32° to 21° beamwidth

Great deep-water performance

Low-profile, thru-hull housing provides good resolution at speed when installed properly

Stainless steel housing for use on stepped, planing or displacement hull




Weight 2.7 kg (6 lb.)

Recommended Boat Length Up to 11 m (36′)

Hull Material Compatible with all hull materials

Hull Deadrise 0-7°

Acoustic Window Urethane

Hole Diameter Fiberglass or wood hull—95 mm or 3-3/4″

Hole Diameter Metal hull—105 mm or 4-1/8″

Transducer Element Seven internal broadband ceramic assemblies

Peso 5,200 kg
Dimensões 13,0 × 27,0 × 19,0 cm


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