Radio VHF Marítimo DSC Lowrance Link-6S

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Intuitive Controls

A rotary channel dial facilitates quick channel selection, while large and amply spaced buttons provide quick access to all key functions. Dedicated Channel 16 keys enable instant access to the emergency channel, and are included on both the radio’s front panel and its four-button fist mic.


Class D DSC Approved

Class D DSC compliant for automated distress calling, including position when connected to a compatible GPS receiver.


Tri-Channel Watch Function

Scan between the current channel, emergency channel 16, and another user-configurable priority channel (non US models). On US models, scan between the current channel and emergency channels 16 and 9.


All International Channels

The Link-6S is designed for global use and supports all international channels including USA and Canada.


My Channel Mode

Select your favorite channels for quick and easy access. A long press on the channel dial enters My Channel Mode, where you can cycle through just your selected favourites using the rotary channel dial.



Multiple Scan Modes

Scan through all available channels or just your selected favourites. In either scan mode, emergency channels can optionally be given priority to reduce the chance of missing distress calls or other urgent safety messages.


Easy Bracket or Flush-Mount Installation

An included gimbal bracket enables table-top, overhead, or bulkhead installation. Flush-mount installation is also supported, with an easy mount-from-front solution.


Includes internal GPS


High visibility LCD with inverted night mode


Intuitive rotary and keypad controls


Four-button fist microphone


Class D DSC Approved


Dedicated Channel 16 keys


Tri-channel watch function


All international channels


Multiple scan modes


Easy bracket or flush-mount installation




Frequency Range: Transmit 156.025~157.425 MHz

Frequency Range: Receive 156.050~163.275 MHz

Number Of Channels US / INT

Oscillate Mode PLL

Modulation FM(16KOG3E) DSC(16K0G2B)

Channel Spacing 25KHz

Frequency Stability ±5 PPM

Temperature range -15°C to +55°C (5°F to 131°F)

Normal Working Voltage +13.6 V DC

Minimum operating Voltage 10 V DC

Low battery detect Voltage 10.5 ± 0.5 V DC

Digital Selectivity Calling (DSC) Class D




Intermediate Frequency : 1st 38.85/21.7 MHz

Intermediate Frequency : 2nd 450 KHz

Sensitivity : 12dB SINAD -6 dBuV(EMF)

Squelch Sensitivity: at tight 6 dBuV(EMF)

Spurious Response Rejection Ratio 70 dB

Adjacent Channel Selectivity 70 dB

Intermodulation Response 68 dB

S/N at 3KHz Dev. 40 dB

Audio Output Power At THD 10% 2.5 W

Audio Distortion 10 %

Audio Response +1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300hz to 3kHz dB

Current Drain : Max Audio Power 1.5 A

Current Drain : Stand-By 0.5 A

2ND RX Sensitivity For 12dB SINAD 0 dBuV(EMF)

2ND RX bit error ratio@-107dBm 10-2




Frequency error ±1.5KHz

RF Power Hi23W ± 2W :Lo 0.8W ± 0.2W

Maximum Deviation ± 5 KHz

S/N at 3KHz Dev. 40 dB

Modulation Distortion ±3KHz 10 %

Audio Response at 1KHz Dev. +1 to -3dB of 6dB/octave from 300hz to 3KHz

Spurious/Harmonic Emissions: Hi/LO 0.25uW

Modulation Sensitivity 15 mV

Current Drain At 12V DC Hi Power 6A: Lo Power 1.5A

DSC TX deviation at 1.3K 2.6±0.26 KHz

DSC TX deviation at 2.1K 4.2±0.42KHz

ATIS TX deviation at 1.3 KHz 1.3±0.13 KHz

ATIS TX deviation at 2.1 KHz 2.1±0.21 KHz

Peso 2,200 kg
Dimensões 17,0 × 27,0 × 24,0 cm


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