Pack Piloto Automático Motor de Popa Hidráulico Navico NAC-1

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Outboard Pilot Hydraulic Pack: Includes Point-1 AP Heading and GPS Sensor, NAC-1 Autopilot Computer, PUMP-1 MKII – 0.8L reversible hydraulic pump, hydraulic fitting kit, Standby-Auto button and Micro-C network components.


Easy to Install, available for both Hydraulic and Cable steer systems


Dash-mount button for one-touch Auto/Standby activation


Steer to Heading, Course or Route


Automatic Turn Patters


NAC-1 Plug & Socket connectors – no screw terminals or wire stripping necessary


High efficiency, super-quiet 0.8L hydraulic gear pump (Pump-1 MKII)


Add a second Helm station to a boat using the MFD Power steer commands – no need for additional hydraulics + steering wheel




Casing Per NEP -2

Water Ingress IPX5

Weight TBC

Overall Dimensions Width: 7.1 in 180 mm, Height: 2.2 in 57 mm




Supply Voltag 12v only

Max Drive output 8A continuous, 16 Amp peak




Network 1xMicroC

Feedback Variable voltage from HELM -1 drive unit

Drive output To PUMP-1 or HELM-1

Power supply 12V

Peso 5,000 kg
Dimensões 12,0 × 30,0 × 20,0 cm


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